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Meeting up with Keiichi Tsuchiya!

I used to play an old video game Tokyo Highway battle back in jr. high or high school.  It was a fun drift type video game that I was hooked on and always bugged by friend Derrick to let me play the game on his playstation.  I didn’t own one at the time.  Well after hours and hours then day after day, trying to race and beat the same competitors there was a completely blacked out car for the final battle.  It was just a black image, by the bodylines, to me it seemed to be a early 180Z.  But the driver was Keiichi Tsuchiya!  I didn’t know much about this guy and did not understand Japanese.  At the final race there was a video of Tsuchiya explaining something??? Wish I knew what he was talking about at the time.   Well I’ll never forget that…  Since then I continued to play car video games and slowly build my own cars as a hobby.  Well time goes by fast and with luck and timing my built Honda Civic was put in one of the best independent car competitions ever!  It was called American Touge, and was put on by Best motoring and Hot version DVD.  They had 1,2 and 3!  American Touge 1,2, and 3 are currently discontinued.

This is a clip from the third one.   Where Keiichi Tsuchiya was nice enough to let us bring a DEL SOL swapped with a B16A, built by AKMEE engineering. This didn’t compete per say, but was out there for a review by the DRIFT KING.  The clip is one of my favorites!  Despite all the politics out there, Keiichi Tsuchiya does want he wants and tells it how it is!  I’m honored to have been able to meet him.


Top Setup CRX EF8 K20A engine swap

Video shot at West Michigan Honda Meet #8. This was the very first time having the Topsetup CRX on the road course. Driver/Owner: Charles Rhyu. “If it feels good, I’m gonna get on it.” This CRX is fully built and tuned at This is ONLY THE BEGINNING for this CRX… The power plant is a high compression Type S(k20a2) with Rcrew racing head package and bolt-ons. Once the testing phase is over more data will be available. Thanks.«

Top Setup CRX 11.2@120MPH N/A

Another shakedown run for the new TOP SETUP built K24A2. Taking 2nd place in the PRO front wheel drive class ,at Great lakes dragway. It was cold out but still had a great time. There is still more in the setup and plan on faster times… No porting, stock RBC manifold, stock TB, Top Setup intake, Rcrew head package and header, Top Setup 3inch exhaust, K-pro, 23inch slicks, 93 octane and a whole lotta Honda luv. NOW offering complete K series engine, trans, and drive train builds. Contact us at WWW.TOPSETUP.NET for more info. Thanks.

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